Best People... Best Processes... Best Technology


Tailored to your needs

Our strength is based on our tailor made services leading our Clients to benefit from both qualitative excellence as well as increasing financial performance.

  • Each client project is treated and managed separately with his own exclusive and dedicated team on the field and in the head office.
  • Our monthly cost is fixed and is not influenced by the number of products we oversee.
  • Daily analytical reporting and communication through triggered and online reports over email and the internet, in full detail, per visited point, hence every Client has the opportunity to take over timely interventions on the performance of sales and promotions in store projects in Supermarkets.
  • Staff training is continuous and takes place 4 times per month for each merchandiser.  This enriches the merchandiser experience and enables him to provide more advanced services.


Our people are our competitive advantage

  • We have a practical, “make it happen” style across the entire team.
  • We operate with integrity in markets that are growing and becoming increasingly complicated for our clients. This allows them to sleep at night while we worry.

When we build solutions we don’t do it alone. We leverage an international group of advisors and active contributors that have run some of the largest Shopper Marketing and Merchandising companies in the world to avoid starting from scratch. We also leverage local and regional FMCG experts who are knowledgeable and committed to the region’s success. Our clients also provide a vast source or best practice that we integrate into our business to get better every day. Our Team is committed to helping you Sell more in a very disciplined and proven set of approaches and principles.

Technology Driven

EVO - your eyes and ears

Our Field Force supervisors and merchandisers are equipped with the latest technology and software to streamline work and introduce efficiency.

EVO – a proprietary eBusiness Process Management System. Using our Best Process and Technology commitment, EVO was developed to provide a unique way to service our valued clients. The use of our local and international experience it provides for information and decision making across our business and our client in a manner that provides a true competitive advantage.

It encompasses:

  • Recruiting, profiling, hiring within defined standards or requirements
  • Training and Performance Management measures and reports
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time performance dashboards
  • Data analytics, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Time, expense, pay and overall cost management

Our Three Pillars

Our integral differentiator

Our team is our main driver and for this purpose they are constantly coached and trained in the field.  Performance measures and KPIs help optimize their capabilities and efficiency.

We are constantly in a state of transformation and evolution, establishing best practices and managing local business variants.

Our technology platform provides the most level of flexibility, and accurate and timely data to our clients.

Exceptional Coverage

If it is a retail outlet, we are there


RPG currently does an indepth coverage of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait and with the capacity to extend to other Gulf countries.

Active in more than 3,400 Locations

  • 600+ Key Account and Modern Trade.
  • 1000+ General Stores.
  • 400 Wholesalers.
  • 1,400+ Pharmacies


Personnel are recruited locally and trained to the standards that clients have come to expect. This regional focus enables our personnel to build strong local relationships, gain an understanding of their situation and to execute to meet local needs.

  • 15 Managers.
  • 26 Supervisors.
  • 20 Auditors
  • 1000+ Merchandisers

We Have Got the Team
to Do It

Industry experts

The success of RPG is a direct reflection of the dedication and expertise of our team. We know how to navigate a retailer. We spend more time in stores. We know how to enhance the shopping experience. And we know how to position our clients’ brands to succeed

Mohamed Hamdan
Managing Director